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  • Thanks Get Welding Jobs for all the hard work you put in of getting the updates done on here. Really appreciate the job opportunities I receive via email.

    Griffyn Lane, welder
  • Love this site.

    David Geertson, Pipewelder
  • Great service. Keep up the good work!

    Theodore G. Wirbisky, welder/fabricator
  • Lot's of great opportunities on this site!

    Joseph Grabarits, welder/fabricater/pipefitter
  • This site is a great resource for job seekers. Keep it coming!

    theo, tech/welder/fabricator
  • I love Get Welding Jobs! I have used many job boards, and Get Welding Jobs is the easiest and most user friendly job board. I also get MANY good candidates for this job board. I also get tons of candidates that call that saw the ad that was posted on the other job boards that Get Welding Jobs is linked to. I LOVE IT!

    Stacy Patterson, Sr. Recruiter
  • We placed one ad with Get Welding Jobs and we received many applications. And have been pleased with the people whom we have chosen. Thank you - it has been an asset to our little business to be in your circle.

    Robin, Bookkeeper
  • Get Welding Jobs has been very informative and helpful during my job search.

    Harold Russell, Welder
  • Your job listings are right on target for me as a pipefitter.

    David Tapscott, Pipefitter
  • I love your website - it's very helpful and direct - it gets straight to the point.

    Shaun White, Welder
  • This is a class act of a web site - very helpful in job hunting.

    William Bradford Kelley, Welder
  • I love this site. I've hadn't been online for a while, because I've been so busy at school. I got on today and I was pleased with my emails from your site. Thanks for giving me info on how to improve my resume and all the other tips too. Keep it up.

    keith nguyen, Welder
  • Thank you for everything. You are very useful in my job search.

    Mark Way, Welder
  • Get Welding Jobs has been doing a great job sending information on current jobs available throughout the U.S. I appreciate all that Get Welding Jobs has been doing. Great Work! Thank you very much for your assistance.

    Joe Reyes, Welder and Shipfitter
  • I applied for a welding job through your site and was successful in getting the position. The success rate has been awesome. Thanks guys!

    Gavin, Welder
  • Get Welding Jobs is a great service because it deals only with opportunities in the welding profession.

    Patrick Kody, Welder
  • I'm thankful for all of the leads. It's nice how easy you have made it to access job possibilities.

    William Eyman, Welder
  • This website has been my #1 place to look at and access any state to easily browse my career choices without having to sort through the clutter of frivolous job openings. This site has exactly what I'm looking for. The application process is very simple after I have submitted my resume. I have recommended this site to all my friends who are also getting out of the military.

    Eric Heuerman, Welder/Fitter
  • I am currently a welding student. I find this website useful in gaining perspective on future work.

    Jessica Thompson, Welder
  • Your site has made my job search far more easier.

    Fred Ohlson III, Welder/Welding Instructor
  • I just wanted to thank you for your help. Your E-mails have been helpful in my job search. Thank you.

    Joel Koch, Welder
  • Great information - thumbs up!

    Angel, Welder
  • Yes I am retired, and I still get excited about the different jobs and places for welding and I think 'well maybe', because I shall be 65 soon and one can have a job without taxes (because I retired with 15 years exp. & min. wage pay). So I do look into this page because of the many great and different welding jobs. Thank you for such a page.

    Mr. Rip, Retired Fab. Welder
  • I really appreciate the frequency of job posting sent to my email. Welders are an important part of building America! Its important that we stay busy working in these hard economic times. Your site helps welders to find jobs when we don't have the knowledge or resources to look elsewhere. Thank you and keep those job postings coming.

    John Thibodeaux, Welder
  • Thank you so much for all the information you have sent me. This is the best job search site I have found. Please continue the good work.

    Milton McCormick, Welder/Fitter
  • Thank you for sending me e-mails containing welding job opportunities. Get Welding Jobs is doing a great job. Keep up the good work.

    Nicholas Guetterman, welding
  • Your program is wonderful. I work in a re-entry program and your site allows me to give the up-to-date information to the persons enrolled and they follow through as desired. Thank you for such a great service.

    Deborah Barr, Program Coordinator

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